Thursday, 24 October 2013

What's in a name?

One of the questions I've been asked most when telling people about little maldod, is "what is maldod?" So I thought this lovely word needed a bit of explanation.

Having spent a LOT of time thinking, talking and playing about with words for a name for my small business, 'little maldod' unexpectedly popped into my head one afternoon whilst giving my son Wilf his tea.

Maldod is a Welsh word, and being Welsh myself it's a word that I remember hearing from a very young age. An official translation will tell you this:

Maldod, n. Levity, dalliance, fondness, delight.

But, to me, words don't always have to mean what the dictionary tells us. To me, maldod means comfort, love, looking after and a bit of TLC.  

I can remember when I was a little girl my Dad sat on the sofa, opening his arm up, inviting me to cuddle up next to him , saying affectionately "come and have a bit of maldod."

So when I remembered the word that weekday teatime I knew I'd finally found the right name.

I will be selling lovingly made, personalised gifts designed to give to friends and family so I wanted a name which celebrates the special things in life - family, home, comfort and love. The words 'little maldod' represent of all these things,

.....Who doesn't need a little maldod in their life?!

Having a bit of maldod with Dad.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


So here I am! Finally writing my first blog post and introducing little maldod. 

I have talked for a loooong time about setting up a small business, born out of my love for creating and making. Thankfully after a good talking to by my sister (now self titled little maldod "Business Manager") I've decided to stop talking and start doing. 

So, the aim is to set up a little corner of the internet with a shop selling handmade and bespoke gifts. Initially I'll be starting off with personalised gifts for babies and children but will expand my range of stock as inspiration dictates.

I'm new to blogging (as you may find out!) but look forward to sharing my journey and adventures as the shop opens, giving you some behind the scenes snippets and sharing tales from the home of little maldod. 

You'll also find @littlemaldod over on Instagram and Facebook.

Next time on the blog: 'Whats in a name?' - The story behind little maldod. 

I hope you enjoy reading and visiting the little maldod shop very soon.

Love from, Lowri x