Saturday, 31 October 2015

"A girl and her dog on a chestnut hunt"

Do you ever wish you could hit pause on a moment, so you can savour it for as long as possible? Sometimes, a photo is the only way you can. Capturing a fleeting moment that you can enjoy every time you look at it.

This photo and the comment below it shared by Jessica (@thewoodlandwife) for #mythursdaybreaktime epitomises that very feeling.
{A girl and her dog on a chestnut hunt. Can someone hit the pause button, I want to savour every second of this moment.}
Jessica's feed on Instagram is just beautiful, her and her lovely family life in a stunning woodland in the Kent countryside. The moments that Jessica captures are simply stunning and a feed that I always enjoy.

She also shared this photo for #mythursdaybreaktime this month. I love it. Her well worn, well loved ripped jeans are just too cool!
I'm delighted to announce Jessica as the winner of the fantastic Quill London giveaway this month. Congratulations! I do hope you enjoy trying out Modern Calligraphy at one of their amazing workshops. Please get in touch with me to arrange your prize.

Thank you to everyone who takes part each week, I love seeing your breaktime moments each week. If you're partial to a lie in or afternoon nap then I have a little giveaway in November that's just for you! Check back here on Wednesday for more details.

I hope your weekends have gotten off to a good start. We have friends staying and have enjoyed a full English, walk up the woods and lashings of tea and lemon drizzle so far today. A perfect Saturday.

I've got some autumnal recipes and crafts which I'm looking forward to sharing with you (when I can find the time to write them up), and I'll be back early next week with my November edit for the shop. If you love Christmas as much as me then hold on to your hats, things about to get very festive....The little maldod Christmas Shop launches tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a lovely rest of your weekend.
Lowri X

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Capturing The Season

Now that the hour has gone back I feel like we're well and truly in the thick of Autumn now.  We've enjoyed (mostly) sunny days here in Wales in the last week, the sun has shone beautifully through the trees and Autumn leaves on walks and drives and each day I've been just a little more grateful for this lovely season.

I have to admit to spending every day this week confused at some point or other about what time it is. Anyone else not changed all their clocks in the house yet? It's the only downside of this time of year and I'm not sure I'll ever relish it being dark so early but I am loving the cosy evenings and chance to have the fire and candles lit every evening.

The #mythursdaybreaktime gallery is awash with autumn leaves at the moment too and it's so lovely to see how the season has impacted the breaktimes you're all enjoying. These stunning posts all caught my eye last week.
@lingyeungb  @cotton_clara
@thewoodlandwife  @allenandbear
I'm sure you'll agree with just how perfectly they all capture the season.

This incredible capture by Samantha ( was my favourite of the week though.
This was taken on Samantha's way to work, not a bad way to start the day hey!

I was lucky enough to sit next to Samantha at the Quill London Workshop that I went to a few weekends ago, finding out only a few days before that this lovely 'insta friend' was also going to be there. It really was such a treat to meet her and put a real life face to a name.

If you read this blog or follow me on Instagram regularly then you'll know that this month you can WIN a place on a Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Quill London, just by joining in with #mythursdaybreaktime.

All you need to do is tag your Thursday breaktime moments with the hashtag and @littlemaldod and @quilllondon. I'll be choosing a favourite from the month to win this amazing prize over the weekend.

If you fancy joining in there's still just enough time to enter today so why not pop a post up this evening, you never know! I look forward to catching up with all your breaktimes late.

I'll be back soon with a little Autumn pudding for you to try, it involves Figs and Amaretti biscuits, I'll say now more.

Thanks for reading,
Lowri x

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Practicing Modern Calligraphy with Quill London

Modern Calligraphy is something that I've fancied trying for such a long time. I've always loved handwriting and love the swirls and free style that modern calligraphy has.

So when I knew I was going to be in London the same weekend that a workshop by Quill London was being held, I couldn't wait to book myself on. It was everything I was hoping it was going to be and more, so I thought I 'd share a little more with you right here.
The workshop was held in a lovely pub called the Blacksmith and Toffee Maker in North London and was hosted by the lovely Lucy from Quill London and Megan Riera (hand writer extraordinaire.) I was lucky enough to sit on a table with three other lovely ladies and we chatted the morning away amid our practice, with tea and croissants by our sides.
Megan was an excellent teacher and introduced us to the basics and some warm up techniques, encouraging us to hold back from scribbling out whole words right from the off. Once we'd practiced our shapes and then the alphabet we were encouraged to try out a few phrases.
My mind kept flitting from one phrase to the next so I ended up writing out a few sentences, trying to avoid any words with letters I was struggling to master.

It was SUCH a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning and I'm now thoroughly hooked. We were given a pack with all we needed to keep practicing at home and I'm attempting to snatch 15 minutes here and there to keep at it.
This afternoon, whilst Wilf was at nursery and Anwen napped I had another go, this time fiddling about with some stunning golden (literally like liquid gold) paints that I bought at the workshop. My Thursday breaktime literally flew by in a flash. Time always tends to dissapear when I'm lost in a world of creativity. Which is just what happened on Sunday morning at the workshop, two and a half hours has never gone so quickly.
If you fancy giving it a go, you can win a place on a Quill workshop (or a full Calligraphy starter kit if you can't make it to a workshop), just by joining in with #mythursdaybreaktime on Instagram.
Simply tag in your breaktime posts this month with @littlemaldod and @quilllondon to enter and I will pick a favourite winning post next week.

This post from last week caught my eye, it is just the most calming, relaxing image.
Rowena (@flojoro123) has such a beautiful gallery on Instagram, if you don't already follow her lovely photos then you must pop over.

It's been a busy old day here but I've scrolled through the gallery a few times and there's been some beautiful posts. I can't wait to catch up with it properly later.

I hope your Thursdays have been lovely and that you have cosy, calm evenings ahead.

Thanks for reading,
Lowri x

Friday, 16 October 2015

Juggling Pumpkins & An Autumn How-To

From this point in the year onwards, right up until the first signs of Spring (and often way beyond) this spot, right here, becomes a central point in our home.
Ever since it was installed three years ago it has become a wonderful focal point in this room, far lovelier than the other black box that sits to the left of it. We lit it at the weekend and the smell (which oddly reminds me of a Swiss sauna) permeated throughout the house, bringing with it an instant reminder of the cosy afternoons and nights it gave us last Winter.
The mantle above it provides me with ample space to style and decorate throughout the year and is the focus for this Styling the Seasons post this month.

I love decorating the house when the Seasons change and, for me, October is one of the few months which marks a clear shift from one season to the next.
Pumpkins obviously have to make an appearance and I couldn't resist these miniature ones at the Supermarket last week. They have of course already been used as juggling balls and had their skin nibbled by two certain people but, for now, they've returned to their intended spot and are sitting pretty...

Autumn leaves are another delight during October too. They're just starting to get all crunchy at the park by us and the colours are spectacular. We've had one leaf gathering trip to the park recently but when I discovered the crunched up remnants of a few leaves (left out for an 'invitation to drawer') I realised my plans for a wreath were futile.
Luckily I remembered about this felt garland which I dug out and hung in position instead. There's no risk of these being squashed and stamped into hundreds of tiny pieces.

I made this garland about 3 years ago and have enjoyed bringing out each year since. I had some kind comments on Instagram when I posted a photo with it in this week, so thought I'd take a moment for a brief 'how to' in case you fancy having a go at making one.
It really was so simple and the beauty of it was that I made it in front of the telly over a few evenings.
I used:
-sheets of different colour felt (about 50p each from Hobbycraft)
- Some brown gingham ribbon I had but any colour or string would be fine
- Brown embroidery thread to stitch the leaves together

- Roughly cut out leaf and acorn shapes, the more random the better. Either cut free hand or drawer shapes on to the felt to cut round.
- Place a couple of leaves one on top of the other and add a few stitches down the centre to hold them in place.
- Spread the shapes along the ribbon and add a stitch to the top of each to secure it to the ribbon.
- Hang it up and enjoy year after year.

I hope you have fun making it, I'm sure little hands would enjoy getting involved with this craft project too. Do let me know if you get it a go.
On that note, I will leave you to a weekend of fresh Autumn days and cosy evenings. If that involves juggling pumpkins into a soup or crunching leaves beneath your feet then even better.

Thank you for stopping by.
Lowri x

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Magic Mushrooms (not that kind)

Last Thursday was one of those days when your body forces you to stop. The result of 'burning the candle at both ends' as my Mum would say and coming under attack from the Autumn bugs.
I spent the morning in bed and, whilst I wouldn't call it a perfect Thursday breaktime, it certainly did me the world of good.

Whilst we haven't quite banished the coughs from our house, after a lazy weekend I'm pleased to say we're all bouncing around a bit more this week. If you're suffering from similar splutters then you certainly have my sympathy!

As usual, I loved taking a peek in to your breaktime moments last week and how lovely they were too. Here's a couple of beautiful images that caught my eye.
@claremullarkey @bonnyandjoy
@alltomkerstin @rachel.marilyn.reeder
The two outdoor shots just look so fresh and, in my opinion, there's nothing nicer than a bright and sunny, crisp Autumn day. I also loved these crafty shots, they've inspired me to get a little seasonal project under my belt, it's been a while! In fact, I have an upcoming post which might just inspire you to do the same.

The shot that caught my eye and really made me smile was this amazing capture by Lilian @lingyeungb
I love the thought of a fairy village and these magical toadstools are sure to house a fairy or two! The little maldod icon is based on this very image no less.

Thank you as always to all of you that share your breaktimes on a weekly basis, I am staggered that there's well over a 1000 (YES!) posts in the gallery now.  What started on a whim, has become something that I look forward to hosting each and every week.

Don't forget that this month you can WIN a place on a Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Quill London. If you can't attend then Quill are generously offering a Calligraphy starter kit so you can learn yourself. I'm hugely excited to be attending a workshop this Sunday and will be sure to tell you all about it next week.

To enter your posts into the giveaway just make sure you tag in @littlemaldod and @quilllondon into your posts, using the usual #mythursdaybreaktime tag.

I look forward to seeing what you all get up to tomorrow.

Until then, have a cosy evening.
Lowri x

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

October Edit

This little blog has been a bit neglected over the last month or so. It's safe to say that things have been busy round here! I've got lots to share with you over the coming weeks though, from Autumn recipes, London adventures and some seasonal home styling.

But before all that I want to share with you my October Edit for little maldod. Yes, I know it's nearly a fortnight overdue! I'm delighted to have launched a new range of products and hope you love what you find in the shop. All the new lines have been carefully chosen to fit in perfectly with little maldod, offering colourful designs, some beautifully handmade items and thoughtful gifts.
So without further ado, here's an introduction to my pick for the month. You can find them all in the shop by clicking on the product title.
1. Milestone TODDLER cards
 The wait is over, they are finally here. I've been excited to use these cards since I received word of their development over the Summer. A beautifully designed box of cards which help to record those milestone moments from toddlerdom to school age. I have been hopeless at recording Anwen's milestones and hope that using these cards will make up for only filling in about 5 pages of her first year's book (poor second child!)

2. Pumpkin Rattle
I could stop right here really. This pumpkin rattle is just too cute. A little treat for little hands this Autumn and doubles up as a lovely seasonal decoration. Keep your eyes peeled for a Styling the Seasons post featuring one very soon.

3. Honeycomb Decorations
This set of 5 animal decorations are just lovely. The pelican and and toucan have already found their way to the end of a couple of shelves in our house. Featuring a classic honeycomb centre, they make a fun and playful addition to any nursery or playroom.

4. Elizabeth Taylor Crown
I am DELIGHTED to be the first UK stockist to receive these stunning crowns made by Fable Heart. They literally flew off the shelves after their launch last Wednesday evening. I still have a handful left in stock and have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to have a second lot in before Christmas. This gold crown is simply stunning, each sequin is stitched onto woven fabric, and is backed by a reversible white Irish linen. As soon as I can I will be placing my own order with the super talented Claire and waltzing round in my own!

5. Olive the Lula Doll
Olive is a beautiful new addition to the Lula Doll collection and is exclusively handmade for little maldod by Lula Handmade. Olive's dress is made from a soft Needle Cord Liberty dress with a pretty rose pink floral print. The dolls make an extra special gift and each one is truly unique as there is only one doll of each hair colour. Take your pick to suit the little lady she's for. There are 3 other dolls to choose from in this range and Ivy, Greta and Flora are all equally as lovely!

So there we are, a unique Autumn selection. I have some VERY exciting things just around the corner, I can't wait to share them with you! Let's just say your Christmas shopping will be well and truly covered by little maldod this year.

Thanks for stopping by,
Until next time.
Lowri x


Thursday, 8 October 2015

An Autumn Moment

When we arrived home from our holiday last Saturday evening, the moment I stepped out of the airport I finally felt able to embrace Autumn.

There had certainly been signs of it before we went away, a change in the air, fallen leaves and need for a jumper on the odd morning, but I was resisting it. There was something about knowing that I still had a week of (hopefully) hot sunny beach days that kept me from rushing into the new season. 

Now we're back though, my feet haven't touched the ground. I've been flat out preparing for the Autumn/Winter range in the shop (which you can find here), thrown back into the nursery routine and attempting to fend of coughs, colds and nasty bugs. Unlike our lazy week away, this week has been fast paced and I've hardly taken a moment, let alone appreciate one of my favourite times of the year.

So when I was scrolling through last week's posts in the #mythursdaybreaktime gallery, this beautiful image and description jumped out immediately. 
It was captured by Jessica, who's IG feed and stunning blog @thewoodlandwife has become a firm favourite. The picture is accompanied by the following: "This morning we walked and walked and walked; she paused at one point, seemingly taking in the view and when I asked what she was doing, for the second time today, she reply "I watching the leaves turn yellow."

I love everything about this, the beautiful view, the fact that Jessica lives in a wood and can walk and walk and walk. But most of all, I love that this little lady has all the time in the world to just stand and watch the leaves turn yellow. 

For my break today I fancy doing just that. 

Do join me in sharing your breaktime moments this Thursday. My favourite post this month will win a place on a Modern Calligraphy workshop with Quill London. If you can't make a workshop then there's a fab Calligraphy starter set up for grabs. Do make sure you tag your photos with @littlemaldod and @quilllondon to enter them into the giveaway. 

Wishing you a lovely day, in whatever season you find yourself in. X 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Breaktimes with Quill London

Morning all!

In true holiday fashion, I've completely lost track of time! I suddenly realised earlier that today is the 1st of October and the start of an exciting collaboration for #mythursdaybreaktime

I'm delighted to tell you that this month Quill London are offering a fantastic prize for the winning post. They are generously giving away a place on one of their Modern Calligraphy workshops, something I've been desperate to have a go at for some time.
As their name suggests, Quill are based in London but their workshops are now 'on the road' and popping up in cities around the country. I've got my name down for a class in a few week's time and can't wait to tell you all about it! If you're a paper lover like me, do pop over to their online store here for a tempting array of beautiful stationery.

To be in with a chance of winning this month,simply tag your Thursday breaktime moments at any point during October, tagging in @quilllondon and @littlemaldod, with the #mythursdaybreaktime hashtag. As usual, I will pick weekly favourites and a final winner at the end of the month.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from last week.
@violetgray1951 @alltomkerstin
@hellomrsh  @harryandfrank
I've had a little break from blogging during September as I've been busy preparing for Autumn / Winter in the shop, adjusting to new nursery school routine and enjoying a few family breaks away. I'm looking forward to telling you all about our adventures and lots of exciting things coming to the shop very soon!

We have a few more days of Mallorcan sun to enjoy before we fly home on Saturday. I'm hoping to have a meander around the pretty town of Pollensa where we're staying at some point. If the wifi on our patch of this beautiful mountain is good enough tomorrow  (it's iffy) I'll be sure to share my breaktime with you.

Hasta Luego,
Lowri x