Sunday, 18 January 2015

Gently starts and creative cogs

Good Morning,

Its been a while since I stopped by here. I think I've accepted that whilst I love reading and admire other people's blogs, it seems that my own is subject to little flurries of activity!

But last night I went to bed with a mind whirring with inspiration and ideas for the shop and I wanted to let you know that there's some exciting things planned for little maldod over the next few months.

If I'm honest the craziness of Christmas orders left me exhausted and I was very happy to switch off and have a rest over the Christmas period. Reopening has coincided with a pretty big building project at little maldod HQ too so the new year (for the shop at least) as had a gentle start.

We've escaped the building chaos this weekend and have retreated to Pembrokeshire for some fresh sea air and time with my parents.

Yesterday I managed to grab an hour to potter in their local town Narberth and, while I was there, picked up these gorgeous off cuts of vintage woollen blanklets.

Its finds like these and getting my hands on new materials that really get my creative cogs whiring. I have some lovely things planned for them and am really excited to introduce a new range of gifts to you.

For a while I've also been thinking of dusting off my ink pens and paintbrushes and having a go again at some ink drawings. I've made a lot of these as gifts for friends in the past so fancy exploring whether they'd be right for the shop too. Watch this space.

I love designing new vests and tees and they're definitely the most popular item in the shop. I'll be refreshing things with some new designs for the spring and am looking forward to sharing a few Easter designs with you.

Finally, if you browsed the shop before Christmas you'll have noticed that I introduced some lovely products from other independent businesses.

Pereira Liberty Print Bow, available here
I was delighted to stock some of the beautiful selection of bows from Poppifleur and the very popular Alphabet Flashcards from Hope and Rainbows.

Alphabet Flashards, available here 
Working with Anna and Kate has been brilliant and I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to continue to stock their lovely things. I'm very keen to develop this area of the shop and would love to work with other small businesses. I already have some gorgeous products in the pipeline which I think you're going to love!

So there we are, a little update on my little shop. I hope you like everything that's to come.

I'll try to pop by again soon but if you'd like to follow the day to day you can find me posting daily on instagram @littlemaldod
I'd love to see you over there.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful end to the weekend.

Lowri X

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