Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My Thursday Breaktime #2

Last Thursday I stepped out of my comfort zone and started something new. Something I'd been thinking about starting for some time but just hadn't plucked up the courage to do so. This something was a new weekly project on Instagram. A project to celebrate the importance of taking a break, some time out, a little R&R, during the day under the hashtag #mythursdaybreaktime.

We live in such a busy old world. I'm forever amazed at how quickly time flies and things only seem to be getting busier.
I really value having quiet moments in the day and am hugely protective about keeping a quiet house during precious naps times. Yes, I'm afraid I have been known to put a note on the front door to warn the postman to knock gently!
Last Thursday while Wilf was at nursery and Anwen napped I enjoyed a peaceful hour pottering around and then some time with a cuppa in the garden. I challenge anyone who says that being a Mum isn't a full on job (particularly when a nursery dash is involved.) So if I get the opportunity for a sit down after lunch I grab it with both hands.
I was delighted that so many of you joined me in capturing your own moments on Instagram. Scrolling through the gallery there really was a sense of every one kicking back and enjoying a break and some downtime. Cups of tea featured heavily, of course, but also the sunshine! What glorious weather we've been having and it was lovely to see so many people getting out and enjoying the outdoors.

I loved these images which captured both the essential cuppa as well as glimpses of the garden.
@Kikuhouse • @hopeandrainbows
@ceramicmagpie • @lovingthelittlethings

It was this relaxed and carefree image by This Is Lullaby (check out Vicky's gorgeous shop and feed) that particularly caught my eye though. This little lady's interest in the snail reminds me so much of Wilf's fascination with all garden creatures at the moment. It also made me look forward to plenty more days lazily enjoying the sunshine (snails optional) in the months ahead.
I'd love it if you shared your breaktimes this week. Anyone can play along, just post a photo at any time tomorrow (Thursday). It must be new and your own and tagged with #mythursdaybreaktime. Do tag me (@littlemaldod) too so can see all your lovely images.

I hope you enjoy joining in!

Lowri x

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