Thursday, 27 August 2015

Two Little Sleep Thieves

Is there anything more truly wonderful as a Mum, than hearing the words "go on, you go and have a lie down." OK, maybe there is, but today it was like music to my ears.

Let's just say last night's sleep was minimal. After a last minute stop over with friends and despite having our own room and Wilf sharing with his two friends (which surprisingly worked for at least a few hours), the three of us ended up 'sharing' the spare bed together, finally getting to sleep just before dawn. So when my Mum arrived at ours today for the afternoon and shoo'd me off upstairs I didn't have to think twice. The two sleep thieves didn't need naps of course, as they'd snoozed the entire two hours journey back home, cheeky!

So before I go downstairs and rejoin the madness downstairs (I can playful shouts) I thought I'd share these lovely posts from last week's #mythursdaybreaktime
@bymeeni  @alltomkerstin
@maddiesaunders86 @sarahehemsley
I just love the pops of colour in each, beautifully composed shot. Pretty sure I could nail some dippy eggs right now too!

This handful of berries (excuse the second berry favourite in a row) caught my eye too. It's a beautiful shot by @mummykristylee
The clarity of the image is amazing and I love how they're being offered forward, as if a gift.

I've told you before how we have berries come out of our ears at the moment and picking them with the kids has been a highlight this month. So when Kristy shared this photo of her berry foraging trip with her children last week it immediately struck a cord.

Kristy is an absolute beauty (truly) and I've enjoyed watching some of her vlogs, which you can find them here. Do pop over to her instagram page too, Kristy is a Mum of 5 (!) and has such a talent for capturing the most lovely family moments.

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Good luck!

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