Thursday, 3 March 2016

Finding Breaktimes in February

If I'm honest #mythursdaybreaktimes this month have been few and far between. Every week this month, when I've woken, rubbed my eyes and tried to work out what day it is, I've been shocked that it's Thursday already. And now, suddenly it's March. Wasn't it Christmas Day, like 3 days ago?!

Such is life though and the busy pace of lives and speed at which time passes, makes taking a moment and pausing in our days all the more important.

It's almost a year since I started #mythursdaybreaktime, a project on Instagram sharing snapshot moments to represent your breaktimes. Over the time it's been running I've had such lovely comments from people saying how much they enjoy it and that it reminds them to to take time out from their day to day.

Each week I love being tagged into posts, snatching a glance at people's breaktimes (often whilst I'm rushing around, mid chaos and reminding me that a quiet sit down is just around the corner). As always this month the moments shared have been so varied.

The bold blues in this grid from last week caught my eye straight away.
@wealdblog  @daphnerosaflowers
@sarahehemsley  @theseveredgarden
It was this shot by Rachel (@dreamingofthecountry) that stole my heart though.
Everything about it is just beautiful. Captioned with the words "Walking into the sky", it just sums up the calm and peace that can be found in taking time out from the day to day. Congratulations Rachel!

Rachel wins a surprise Liberty parcel, with some goodies from the little maldod shop's brand new 'party range' (here). Please drop me a line with your details Rachel.

I'd love it if you joined in by sharing your March moments and for any Mother's reading, I hope you enjoy a whole day (as much as you can!) of breaks, treats and general Mama love this Sunday!

Have a wonderful month ahead. x

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