Saturday, 7 March 2015

Spring at little maldod


I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the arrival of Spring.

What an exciting few days its been! I've been looking forward to launching the Spring range at little maldod and am delighted to have finally shared it with you all. A massive thanks for all the lovely comments and positive feedback I've had about it.

Those of you that have followed little maldod's journey since the start, may have noticed that this Spring range features a whole host of other wonderful products which are not made by my own fare hands. Whilst I still fully intend to design and create for the shop (I love it too much to stop!) I realised towards the end of last year that I wanted to expand what was available but was limited in my capacity (there's only so much time these hands have to make things!)

So this morning I thought I'd share a bit more about the lovely businesses I've had the pleasure of working with for this new collection.

Last Summer I started following the joy filled company that is The Green Gables on Instagram. I am a lifelong stationery fan and when I discovered this wonderful, joy spreading and eco conscious business, run by a lovely lady called Gabrielle I was hooked!
Back in October I bought a pack of the Mummy-To-Be notes for a friend's baby shower and they were a huge hit, giving us all a chance to write an encouraging note to our friend.

Mummy-To-Be Notes, £8.50

When I was thinking about products that would work well with little maldod I knew that the Happy Notes that Gabrielle has designed would be perfect. The Happy Boy and Happy Girl notes are just the sweetest and make such a nice gift for a new older sibling.

Happy Girl and Happy Boy Notes, £8.50

I've connected with so many other wonderful independent businesses via Instagram. Another talented lady I've had the pleasure of finding is Sarah at Blossom and Bear.  I love Sarah's mini prints, they look great as an addition to a nursery or can be used to send a little note to brighten someone's day.

Mini Prints, £0.95

I was delighted when Sarah agreed to design a 'thank you' print too which is now available to buy as a pack of 6 notes. I could quite easily stash this lot away and spend my days sending little notes to friends!

Thank you notes, £3.50 for pack of 6

Another business I'm so pleased to have come across is Lula Handmade. This time, it was after a fortuitous little potter around my parents local town of Narbeth in Pembrokeshire. Having spotted some beautiful handmade dolls in a shop there I eventually got in touch with Katie who makes them and jumped for joy, when she agreed to work with me. She even agreed to produce an exclusive range just for little maldod.

Tilly, Ivy and Martha the Lula Dolls, £21.95

I'm not exaggerating when I say I deliberated a LOT before finally deciding on the designs of the dolls now in the shop (known as Ivy, Tilly and Martha) and I'm thrilled they're proving so popular.

I'm continuing to stock the fantastically popular Alphabet Flashcards from Hope and Rainbows and very excited about the arrival of some new bows from Poppifleur in the next few days!

Spring Bows, £4.95
I'm also looking forward to introducing some gorgeous handmade crayons from the Crayon Box, with some great Easter Egg shapes, a creative alternative to chocolate this year.

Finally, I'm very excited about the arrival of some lovely baby friendly necklaces! I bought one of these necklaces from My Mama Rocks and when my daughter loved it so much, it was the seal of approval I needed to bring them to little maldod. They're a lovely, alternative gift for a new Mum.  

So there we have it, a whistle stop tour of the fantastic new products in the shop and the businesses behind them. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying working with such talented and lovely people and hope you love the new products as much as I do.

Thanks so much for reading and once again a huge thanks for all your support this week.

Have a cracking weekend!

Lowri xx

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