Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cool Blues for #mythursdaybreaktime

I can't believe that tomorrow will be the 9th week of #mythursdaybreaktime I'm blown away that so many people join in each week to share their breaktime moments. It's such a treat to get to join you all and take a peek at those special, quiet moments in your day.

I have such fun planned for #mythursdaybreaktime over the Summer months and can't wait to tell you more. You know that feeling when you have good news and just want to tell everyone but think its best to wait just that little bit longer?! Let's just say that there's a treat in store come July.
My husband and I sat on the sofa and watched telly for the first time in ages on Sunday evening. Now that the evenings are lighter we both seem to busy ourselves, working and pottering in the garden well into the night. However after a busy week, we decided that enough was enough, we were going to slow down, stop and just do nothing. Bliss! Nothing, that is, except catch up on missed episodes of Gardner's World (have I told you about my crush on Monty Don??!)
In one of the episodes, Monty talked about the June Gap, a term I'd not heard before. It's the time in this season where everything seems very green. Something I'd noticed just the other day when driving around, a time just before the garden blooms into a riot of colour. It feels like we're just on the edge of that bloom time now though and the roses in our garden are well on their way. Dahlias, Sweetpeas and Cosmos are all following closely behind and I can't wait!
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It was the blue tones though that caught my eye in the #mythursdaybreaktime gallery last week. It was so tricky choosing favourites again but these beautiful captures were all so lovely. I'm especially happy when blue skies are above me.

This bright and delicious plate could not be ignored though and smacks a Summer punch! Such a vibrant and eye catching capture by @hellomrsh and that Peonie is just stunning!
As soon as I saw it I hopped off the sofa and grabbed a bowl of Strawberries. In fact, we (Anwen and I) ate our first allotment strawberry yesterday! There was just one ready to pick but we'll be back there after nursery tomorrow in search of more red treasures. Monty would be proud!
Strawberries are without a doubt my favourite Summer fruit. I'm hoping that this hear might just be the year I get round to making some jam (but I say that every year!)

First though, there's Elderflower cordial to be made. I've counted the blossom ready blooms at the park on every dog walk this week. If I can find some time to snip some, I'll make a batch over the weekend and pop a post up to let you know how I get on.

Anyone can join in with #mythursdaybreaktime, simply tag your moments on Instagram at any point tomorrow. I can't wait to see what you all get up to!

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