Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sunshine in the Gallery

Well Summer has certainly arrived and I'm so enjoying spending as much time as I can outside. Picnic season is well and truly underway and I'm mastering the art of quickly packing lunch into a mini cool bag, while the kids are still at the breakfast table, ready for an adventure somewhere.

Last Thursday our adventure went as far as the back garden, we had a late start to the day but decided we could squeeze in a very 'local' picnic before the nursery run. 
Of course a band of soft toys were also invited! 

Sunshine flooded the #mythursdaybreaktime gallery too last week and it was obvious that so many of you were out enjoying it aswell! The warmth of the sun's rays radiates out of these gorgeous shots. The light in them is amazing and they all so perfectly capture the essence of Summer breaktime moments. 
@sineadylemonadey  @lingyeungb
@waler76  @helenfurl
In contrast to these sunny, outdoor shots though, this kitchen table capture caught my eye instantly last week.
I just love how Kirsty (@kirstysale) seems to be peeking over the top of her book, and that Cornishwear in the background is just lovely. I'd love to know what the book is about! 

Reading, for me, is something I only tend to do on holiday. Whenever I get into a new book I wonder why on earth I don't do it more often, the escapism found in a good book really is such a true break. The truth is, other things get in the way of me picking up a book on a breaktime, but this image has inspired me to dust off a book from my reading list and indulge in some fiction. 

I'd love to see what you enjoy doing when you get a breaktime moment/five minutes/lunch hour or evening. Anyone can join in at any point tomorrow by tagging their photos on Instagram with #mythursdaybreaktime Do tag me @littlemaldod so I can join in with you.

I'be had some very exciting emails this week about some fantastic collaborations I'm arranging for #mythursdaybreaktime! I'm delighted that some amazing businesses will be joining me in celebrating breaktimes by offering some monthly prizes to those joining in with this fun and inspiring challenge. I'm bursting to tell you all about it....but keeping things under wraps for just a few more weeks! 

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