Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Thursday Breaktime #9

Isn't it funny how a morning can go pretty slowly (especially when whinging and tantrums are on the cards) but a quiet breaktime, AKA nap and nursery time in my house, can pass in the blink of an eye.

Last Thursday I was beginning a four day stretch of solo parenting as Sam jollied off for some golfing fun with his brother and best mates. I was keen to eek out every last drop of my Thursday breaktime, if just to give me a little head start for what I was expecting to be a long weekend ahead.
After my usual potter in the garden snipping flowers, sit down and cuppa, I wanted to get cracking on my Elderflower cordial. I was well under way until I realised I'd only bought half the amount of sugar needed. At least it was prepped and I managed to finish it off later that evening. You can read the recipe that I posted for it by clicking here.
Before I knew it was time to wake Anwen from her nap and run to nursery ready to start 'happy hour'. Thankfully I have some very kind and lovely friends who provided teatime entertainment and fed us delicious food at the same time. Here's a little snap of Wilf and one of his best mates Isla taking a break from it all, I have to say it was a quiet moment that didn't last too long!
As usual, your photos in the #mythursdaybreaktime gallery were just lovely. I was drawn to these lovely overhead cuppa shots instantly! Can't beat a good cuppa right? And ice tea!!!...I tried some last Friday and it was like a revelation!
@suevaunallison  @peggypeg_
@floribundaroseflorists  @agraylife
It was the words of this lovely capture by @aplayfulday that caught my eye this week.
The words are so true and always good to remember! This was the first week that Kate has taken part in #mythursdaybreaktime and I'm so glad she did. Kate is a very inspiring lady and has an awesome website She also hosts a great hashtag on Instagram called #wipsandblooms - works in progress and blooms, you can certainly find plenty of those around my house!

Talking of blooms, I have some very exciting news to share with you next week. It involves a brilliant collaboration between little maldod, #mythursdaybreaktime and the GORGEOUS
Bloom & Wild, can't wait to tell you more.

So looking forward to seeing all your images tomorrow and, as always, a big thank you to all of you sharing your precious breaktime moments.

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