Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Birthday and Breaktimes

Last Thursday was a special day for our family as we celebrated Wilf's 3rd birthday! I'm still pinching myself and can't believe I'm the mother of a 3 year old!

We celebrated in Sussex as we were back staying with my husband's parents. It was a day full of fun, happy birthday singing (in bed, at breakfast, elevenses, lunchtime, teatime...) picnics and presents.
By the afternoon it seemed that the fun was too much for Wilf and Daddy as I found them cuddled up having a secret nap just before we were about to head out for a walk and picnic tea. I managed to grab a quiet moment to myself too though and enjoyed some of my new book by Emily Quinton over a cuppa.
When everyone was up and awake we headed out to the local National Trust, Sheffield Park. Look at the size of the Redwood that we found there!
It was lovely having family time and enjoying time with Granny and Grandpa too.

I loved seeing all of your breaktime moments throughout the day. There are so many lovely images in the gallery now! Whenever I scroll through I instantly feel relaxed and can just imagine all those lovely, refreshing time out moments that you're having!

Beautiful floral images were scattered throughout the gallery last week. I particularly loved these stunning images. They have such a Summery feel to them and those cookies and cake look so tasty!
@beautythrumylens  @teaandbiscuits_x
@ceramicmagpie  @mygirlsandme
It was this image by Emily from @allenandbear that stole my heart though!
It was taken at Bill's in Nottingham. If you haven't been to a Bill's before then I urge you to find your local restaurant! Now a National company, back in the day Bill's started life as a Greengrocers in Lewes, Sussex. My husband went to school in Lewes and when we were going (we got together when we were 17) we enjoyed many a brunch, lunch and milkshake in the amazing café.
The second I saw Emily's photo I could tell it was taken in Bill's, it has such a distinctive, cosy style too it. I could quite easily sink into that leather chair and not move all day!

Thank you to everyone joining in with #mythursdaybreaktime I hope you're enjoying it as much as me. I have a few things up my sleeve in the next month or so to make it even more fun, but more on that soon!

Until then, do join me tomorrow in celebrating your quiet, refreshing, out-of-the-ordinary-routine, moments by tagging your pictures on Instagram with #mythursdaybreaktime

Let's hope the sunshine sticks around for us to enjoy it again tomorrow!

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