Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Baking, Blooms and a Sneaky Squirrel

I can't tell you how much I love seeing your breaktime moments every Thursday.  In fact, putting my feet up and scrolling through the gallery to peek at your breaks has become part of my Thursday.
I'm especially looking forward to seeing your Summer holidays appearing in the gallery. Thanks to the rain, I've spent some of this week wishing I was joining in on some of your Mediterranean and Agean adventures!

Last Thursday Wilf had his last day at his Welsh Nursery (Big Welsh Nursery as he calls it). Despite my frantic elderflower bottling escapades at 10:10 am (we were supposed to be there for a concert at 10:20) and quickly scrawling thank you's, we made it there just in time.
I was flustered to say the least but when I saw him stood hand in hand with one of his best friends, my heart sang and memories of the stressful morning evaporated.

I was however very glad for the quiet afternoon that lay ahead. We enjoyed some stories on the sofa together and spent time baking at his request. We have a whole summer of quiet afternoons in each others company (while his sister sleeps) and I'm so looking forward to it.
I wanted to share an extra couple of posts that caught my attention last week. The very lovely Emily from @allenandbear posted this photo and I loved it. Tea really does revive you.
Later though, Emily posted this photo and a recipe for her delicious looking chocolate and biscuit bars.
Pop over to find the recipe under this photo in Emily's feed if you fancy giving it a go. I'm yet to try it but something tells me Wilf will definitely be up for helping me make (eat) it sometime soon.

These stunning photos all caught my eye last week.
@wolvesinlondon  @myfandfriend
@shirleyrainbow_tb @martha_andthe_meadow
I adore each one individually and the colours are just stunning. Mint green is one of my favourite Summer colours this year and when it's teamed up with pink it's an absolute winner!

This brilliant capture of a sneaky, strawberry pinching squirrel had to be my favourite last week though.
Kat (@clothkat) had such perfect timing to capture this furry thief, brazenly strutting his stuff with a juicy strawb stuffed his mouth.

Kat who runs the awesome ClothKat is one of the most positive, cheerful and fun people that I've come across through Instagram. If you don't already follow her then pop over to her feed, I promise you her colourful posts will never fail to make you smile.

This week we're spending our Thursday back in Sussex, staying with family and catching up with best friends. Then this afternoon I'm off to London to attend
Quill London's brush lettering workshop, I simply can't wait.

I won a place on the workshop through a last minute entry into a giveaway they ran on Instagram earlier this year. You know what I'm going to say next don't you?! That's right, don't forget you could WIN an amazing 3 months worth of flowers from Bloom & Wild for simply posting your Thursday breaktime.  There's just 2 weeks left in July to enter and my favourite shot for the month will win and be announced next Friday 1st August.

Anyone can enter, simply tag your photos into #mythursdaybreaktime tagging me @littlemaldod and @bloomandwild

Looking forward to popping by and seeing all your lovely moments tomorrow and wishing you a very happy Thursday x

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