Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Slowing Things Down

Flying in for a quick hello and round up of last week's My Thursday Breaktime.We're having a week's holiday at home this week and thoroughly enjoying slowing things down a bit and some quality time as a family.

We usually try to go away for our holidays, booking into a small cottage, usually hidden away in West Wales, but this week we decided to stay put and enjoy some adventures closer to home. We've dipped into our family fun jar (you can read more about it here) and spent Monday morning swimming. Today we've had fun with the animals at Cefn Mably Farm Park and tomorrow we're off to wonder at the dinosaurs and relics at the Museum.
In amongst the day trips we've enjoyed lazing on the sofa with Wimbledon on in the background, pottering in the garden and lazy mornings in bed. It feels good to just slow things down.
A beautiful reminder by @windramdesign
That's what I love about My Thursday Breaktime, it's a celebration of pressing the pause button in our busy lives and slowing things down a little. Even if for a moment (and enough time to take and post a photograph).

These gorgeous photos caught my eye in the gallery last week. I love the hint of lemon in each of them, and that cake.... it had me craving a slice by mid morning last Thursday!
@live_and_bloom  @blossomandbear
@xxbirdhouse  @lyndsaybuchanan_
It was this photo by @darlingbudsofme and the words below that stopped my in my tracks though.
I sat and read through Lisa's words (go and check them out) and tears trickled down my cheeks. Simply beautiful in every way.

Don't forget that this month I've teamed up with the fantastic Bloom & Wild. At the end of the month, one lucky person (who posts my favourite shot of the month) will win 3 months worth of flowers delivered straight to their door (I KNOW!)
To be in with a chance, simply post your breaktime moments on Instagram with #mythursdaybreaktime and tag in me @littlemaldod and @bloomandwild.

I'm keeping my phone use at bay this week (trying to anyway) as I always feel more 'present' when it's firmly put down and left in another room. I'll certainly be checking in with you all at some point tomorrow though and looking forward to seeing your breaktime moments.

Lowri x

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