Friday, 3 July 2015

Happy Post

I love happy post. You know the kind, hand written envelopes, parcels neatly wrapped up (I really do love brown paper packages) and things that make you wonder what's inside. I'm sure, like us, you get plenty of rubbish through the post and far too many A5 envelopes with little plastic windows and typed out addresses. So when a little something special makes it's way through the letter box it always means a 'happy post day'.
I like happy post so much so that I decided to sign up to a monthly subscription called the 'Happy Paper Club' with The Green Gables. I've posted about the club before but in case you missed it, I thought I'd fill you in! Gabrielle at The Green Gables had the genius idea of filling a box with her wonderful eco-friendly, joy-filled stationery and sending it out to club members each month. I can't tell you just how exciting it is to get the box through, the contents of which is a complete surprise.

Here's a little peek at the contents of June's box.
If you fancy joining the Happy Paper Club, subscriptions for July's box are now open and available to buy by clicking here.

Something else that I've signed up to to send a little happy mail is a wonderful project called the 'Summertime Surprise Project' hosted by Lucy Heath from Capture by Lucy.

Back in the Spring Lucy hosted the Springtime Surprise Project, where everyone who joined was matched up with a partner, given details of their likes and interests and invited to send them a kindness parcel (to the value of £5). I was matched up with another lovely lady called Lucy and was sent such thoughtful gifts which still make me smile when I see or use them.

On Sunday I received details of my Summertime Surprise partner, I can't wait to start putting it together and wrapping up a special gift to send her. If I make a new friend along the way then even better! If you fancy taking a look at the types of gifts exchanged and get inspiration to send your own kindness gift, then check out the Summertime Surprise Project hashtag on Instagram.
When I send orders out to customers I take as much time and effort in wrapping them as I would if I were sending them to a friend.  I often receive lovely feedback about how orders are wrapped and that people don't want to open them!
In fact, just today I added a little gift tag to distinguish two similar items ordered so the recipient wouldn't have to open them to tell the difference before gifting them. It's all about the little extra touches.
These added touches are all part of the 'postage and packaging' cost which is unfortunately unavoidable for online shopping. I've been mulling over my own P&P costs recently and have decided to make a few tweaks to make buying with little maldod even better. I try to keep my postage charges to a minimum anyway but realised that for certain items (namely stationery and prints), if ordered on their own, the postage charges could be reduced a little. And you know what they say, every little helps.
Speaking of little, this 'Hello Little One' print by talented Ingrid Petrie (of Ingrid Petrie Designs) is new to the shop. There's a great selection of new prints and stationery (and a whole lot more) in the shop now, take a look by clicking here.

I hope you'll agree that when a little maldod package drops through your letter box that it really does feel like a happy post day!

Thank you so much for reading and as always, for supporting my shop and business.

Lowri x

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  1. It DOES feel like a happy post day. And those are my two parcels! You are such a genius - I promise I opened the envelope, saw them, and thought "How clever to mark each of these with a little stamp. They're so beautifully wrapped and now I won't have to spoil the wrapping to check which one is which". So there you go - proof of wrapping genius!