Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Little Introductions

This morning I'm excited to be launching a fun and exciting series on Instagram called 'Little Introductions'.
I don't know about you but I love knowing more about people, who they are, where they come from, what their story is. I'm a people person and there's nothing I like more than making new connections, forming and nurturing friendships and spending time chatting one to one. That said, I can be quite shy, can lack in confidence and am certainly not a care free 'mingler'. I'd be the introvert end of extrovert in a personality quiz!

One of the things I love about social media, and especially Instagram, is that you can interact with followers/friends and customers so easily. However, I'm constantly conscious about balancing posts which represent my 'brand' and the products I sell with those that tell a little about me, the maker and person behind it.

Yesterday, on my two long car journeys to collect the kids from my parents, I pondered the idea of starting a series of prompts which would enable me, and anyone who'd like to join in, to share a little about themselves. Then last night I took part in a fantastic #makeitsewcial chat hosted by the fabulous Allison Sadler with Fiona Humberstone the wonder woman behind 'The Brand Stylist' and author of new book 'How to Style your Brand' (absolutely on my wish list!) Through chatting to these ladies and other fellow business owners I realised the importance of sharing personality behind your brand and it gave me the push I needed to just go with this little idea.
Photo by Fiona Humberstone
So, from today I will be sharing a weekly prompt every Tuesday for the next 6 weeks. The prompts will be simple, fun and easy to join in with. They will be geared towards those running independent shops, creative businesses and bloggers but anybody is welcome to join in. Simply tag your photos with #littleintroductions and make sure you tag me @littlemaldod so I can discover (that's a nice word for 'nosey') more about the wonderful people behind those lovely little squares!

To kick things off this week's prompt is simply 'Pleased to meet you'. Tell me a bit about you, your name, how old you are (IF you want to!!), are you married, single, a mother or a father, perhaps a pet owner?! Feel free to keep it simple or share as much as you like. Right, off to introduce myself X

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