Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Thursday Breaktime #3

I'm loving getting glimpses into those 'downtime' moments in your days through Instagram and #mythursdaybreaktime. Be it a quick cuppa at elevenses, coffee in the car or a relaxing evening painting toenails!
A big thank you to all those joining in.

My Thursday last week was a lovely one. The kids and I had a quiet morning, the weather stayed dry for the nursery run (nearly ALWAYS a run as I'm forever late) and I had a very enjoyable few hours potter while Anwen napped. My husband was working at the polling station (from early to late) so I was solo parenting all day and relished the quiet time of the afternoon. Here are my breaktime moments.
I'm a big tea fan and rarely does a breaktime pass for me without putting the kettle on. It would seem that that's the case for a lot of you too. These lovely tea inspired breaktimes caught my eye this week. 
@themilkcollective  @capturebylucy
@brickdustandglitter  @_mandybe
However it was this lovely image by Emily and her pooch Ted (shared by @allenandbear) that caught my eye.
I love all the contrasting colour in it and Ted's jet black paws! He looks as if he's about to race off into the sea of yellow. I love the confetti like blossom and its nice to savour it as much as possible as its all but blown away round these parts!

Lisa, who's photo I picked as my favourite last week, made my day when she commented that:
"Breaktime, for me, is the cornerstone of my day, so I really love seeing what everyone else gets up to! Looking forward to tomorrow."

I couldn't agree more.

Anyone can join in, simply snap your breaktime at any point tomorrow (Thursday) on Instagram and tag #mythursdaybreaktime and @littlemaldod

See you then! X 

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