Wednesday, 20 May 2015

#mythursdaybreaktime #4

Time for another little round up of #mythursdaybreaktime! I really feel like I'm getting to join in on lots of lovely breaks and starting to feel a great sense of community through those sharing! Yay!

I don't know about you, but last Thursday was a complete washout for us. It rained heavily ALL day! Thankfully my parents happened to be in town and saved the day by doing the nursery drop off for me. I managed to borrow some waterproof trousers and didn't get too wet on the way back! Needless to say I had two very wound up children by the end of the day having been cooped up. This was a brief moment of calm.
In between dashing out in the rain and refereeing this pair, I did manage a few moments of calm. Here's my breaktime moments.
One thing I'm loving about #mythursdaybreaktime is that everyone shares something different, it's not always cup-of-tea-sit-downs. This grid shows just that! 
@beautythrumylens  @clothkat
@poppifleur  @theordinarylovely
From a quick 15 minute faff with flowers, to planting out pansys to homemade cake and reminiscing about days gone by. It's great to see how you all spend those precious, quiet moments in your day. 

Not that I want to dwell too much on the showers last week, although it's great for the allotment (and yes I can hear my Dad saying that) but I thought this raindrop image by @lucy_fisk was something special.
I love the amazing close up of each beautiful droplet, they're a nice distraction from the grey day in the background.

That's the lovely thing about sharing photos, you can find beauty in the everyday, quite ordinary moments. I look forward to seeing how you capture your breaktime moments tomorrow.

Lowri x


  1. Right, on Thursday I'm on it!! It's a busy day so I shall revel the opportunity to find some moment of quiet, break, reflection! Thanks lowri xx Hannah

    1. Oh yay! I look forward to seeing your post. Xxx

  2. Thank you for including my photograph. I'm hoping to find a few minutes to join in again tomorrow. My littlest is sick so it could be a snotty shot from under a blanket ;) x