Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Thursday Breaktime #5

One of the things I've noticed about #mythursdaybreaktime is what a huge part the weather plays in our how we spend our break times. Last week's gallery was bursting with sunshine moments!

The sun literally shone through so many beautiful shots, from sitting out at lunchtime, to quiet moment sat on the grass at the end of the day. One lovely Mama had the right idea picking up fish and chips and enjoying teatime on the beach!

We enjoyed a sunny trip to the park in the morning last Thursday. We had lots of fun picking buttercups, did you ever test to see if you liked butter with them when you were younger?! However, come the afternoon, there was little time for a daytime break for me. While Anwen slept and Wilf was at nursery I had an early birthday tea to sort out. Thanks to a helping hand with the nursery pick up, I managed to just about pull off some pre-birthday fun for Wilf and his friends in just under 3 hours! More on that in my next post.

When I did manage to grab a moment, here is what my Thursday breaktimes looked like.
Once again I loved the variety of the moments shared last week. It was so tricky choosing favourites and I was amazed at how many people joined in! I am truly SO pleased that so many people are capturing the essence of what this simple project is all about. When I was charging about on Thursday, and I mean literally running around Morrisons after the nursery drop off and then around my garden hanging bunting, it really made me appreciate the quieter, recharging moments I had in my day.

I love the calming tones of these photos, they're relaxing just to look at! They're just a few of my favourites from last week.
@allenandbear  @winsome_ginger
@atouchofdomesticity  @rachaelcooper_
One of the things I often find myself doing when I have a quiet moment is scrolling through old photos on my phone. So I could absolutely appreciate the capture of this stunning shot by @Kikuhouse.
It's a photo taken at Osaka aquarium back in 2007 (that's some impressive phone storage there!) It made me think of the sun in a deep blue sky as soon as I saw it, so it fitted perfectly with all the warm sunny shots last week too.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Wilf's ACTUAL third birthday. Thankfully there will be no charging about for me as we're staying at Granny and Grandpa's and will be enjoying a day of fun, picnics on the lawn and playtime. I'm sure I'll share a snap or two amid the present opening and look forward to catching up on all your snaps when my THREE YEAR OLD (how?!?) is tucked up in bed. Hopefully the sun will be shining for all of us again too!

Anyone can join in with #mythursdaybreaktime simply share a photo of your breaktime moment(s) on Instagram and tag #mythursdaybreaktime and @littlemaldod so I can join you in saying yes to pressing pause for a moment or two in this busy old life!

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