Friday 16 October 2015

Juggling Pumpkins & An Autumn How-To

From this point in the year onwards, right up until the first signs of Spring (and often way beyond) this spot, right here, becomes a central point in our home.
Ever since it was installed three years ago it has become a wonderful focal point in this room, far lovelier than the other black box that sits to the left of it. We lit it at the weekend and the smell (which oddly reminds me of a Swiss sauna) permeated throughout the house, bringing with it an instant reminder of the cosy afternoons and nights it gave us last Winter.
The mantle above it provides me with ample space to style and decorate throughout the year and is the focus for this Styling the Seasons post this month.

I love decorating the house when the Seasons change and, for me, October is one of the few months which marks a clear shift from one season to the next.
Pumpkins obviously have to make an appearance and I couldn't resist these miniature ones at the Supermarket last week. They have of course already been used as juggling balls and had their skin nibbled by two certain people but, for now, they've returned to their intended spot and are sitting pretty...

Autumn leaves are another delight during October too. They're just starting to get all crunchy at the park by us and the colours are spectacular. We've had one leaf gathering trip to the park recently but when I discovered the crunched up remnants of a few leaves (left out for an 'invitation to drawer') I realised my plans for a wreath were futile.
Luckily I remembered about this felt garland which I dug out and hung in position instead. There's no risk of these being squashed and stamped into hundreds of tiny pieces.

I made this garland about 3 years ago and have enjoyed bringing out each year since. I had some kind comments on Instagram when I posted a photo with it in this week, so thought I'd take a moment for a brief 'how to' in case you fancy having a go at making one.
It really was so simple and the beauty of it was that I made it in front of the telly over a few evenings.
I used:
-sheets of different colour felt (about 50p each from Hobbycraft)
- Some brown gingham ribbon I had but any colour or string would be fine
- Brown embroidery thread to stitch the leaves together

- Roughly cut out leaf and acorn shapes, the more random the better. Either cut free hand or drawer shapes on to the felt to cut round.
- Place a couple of leaves one on top of the other and add a few stitches down the centre to hold them in place.
- Spread the shapes along the ribbon and add a stitch to the top of each to secure it to the ribbon.
- Hang it up and enjoy year after year.

I hope you have fun making it, I'm sure little hands would enjoy getting involved with this craft project too. Do let me know if you get it a go.
On that note, I will leave you to a weekend of fresh Autumn days and cosy evenings. If that involves juggling pumpkins into a soup or crunching leaves beneath your feet then even better.

Thank you for stopping by.
Lowri x

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  1. I am beyond jealous of this spot - I would love a woodburning stove to huddle round in the colder months. The leaf garland is so, so sweet and such a good idea. I might have to give it a go xx